I'm Andrew Braun

I write code,

build websites,

and do other nerd things

My Work


What do you do?

My name is Andrew Braun, and I'm an American full-stack web developer. I build new websites from the ground up, overhaul old systems, and fix issues when they arise. I'm flexible, friendly, and, most importantly, I am excellent at Googling things.

If you want to know all about the technologies I use, check out the "Nerd Mode" tab. Here, I'll simply say that I work a lot with the following:

  • JavaScript - runs a lot of the modern web
  • CSS - a lot of visual problems are CSS problems
  • WordPress/PHP - powers 43% of the internet

What does working together look like?

Obviously, every project is different--but the process generally goes like this:

  1. You contact me with general details about a project.
  2. I look into it and assess whether I can handle it. I may have some follow-up questions!
  3. If I have the skills and bandwidth to take on the project, I'll give you a rough estimate of how many hours it will take to finish and when I think I can complete it.
  4. During the project, I'll keep track of my tasks using an app like Trello and routinely communicate with progress updates and questions.
  5. On project completion, I offer ongoing maintenance and support at my hourly rate. Smaller sites will likely need just an hour or two of maintenance per month, while more complex sites may require me to commit more time and be on call for issues.

How long have you been a web developer?

I've been working as a web developer on and off since graduating from university in 2014, though I also held jobs as a writer and an English teacher for several years. I don't do much of that anymore, but I believe my past work has made me an effective communicator--and I still love teaching about my favorite subject: code!

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